Here is a summary of the most common questions about investing with us at Spanska Fastighetsfonden. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions that we haven´t listed below. You can always reach us at info@spanskafastighetsfonden.com or +34 627 892 114.


What is the minimum investment amount?
We want to make Spanska Fastighetsfonden available to everyone. The minimum investment amount is therefore usually €3,000. But it varies depending on the project.


How long is the time horizon for my investment? When can I get my money back?
The time horizon for each investment project is always stated in the investment material. The vast majority of our projects have a time horizon of 5 years, which means that as an investor you can expect to get your invested capital back no later than 5 years. Sometimes even earlier, if the project allows it. All conditions are stated in the respective investment project’s memorandum, which you can download here on our website or have it emailed to you by writing to us at info@spanskafastighetsfonden.com.


How do I get my return?
Your return is paid quarterly, to a bank account of your choice.


How much of the property do I own through my shares?
Your ownership of the property is pro rata. Which in plain English means that your ownership in the property is proportional to your contribution. If you have contributed 10% of the property’s acquisition price through your investment, your ownership share will also be 10%. If you have contributed 20% of the property’s acquisition price, your ownership share will be 20%. And if you have contributed 1% of the property’s acquisition price then your ownership share will be 1%.


What do I invest in?
You invest in a rental property. Either by becoming a shareholder in the property through a share purchase. Or you become a lender by lending us your money which we then use to acquire a specific property.


Does it cost anything to become a member of your website and receive updates regarding new investment possibilities?
No. It’s totally free.


Do I have to invest with Spanska Fastighetsfonden if I become a member at the website, www.spanskafastighetsfonden.com?
No. You do not commit to do anything. The membership gives you the opportunity to invest with us, but it isn´t mandatory.


If I want to end the investment, how do I do that?
You can transfer your shares or loans to a third person. However, keep in mind that the shares or loans are not listed on any exchange or marketplace and that it can therefore be more difficult to find a buyer. Spanska Fastighetsfondens vision is to become a publicly traded company in the future and thereby simplify the sale of existing shares.


How is my investment income taxed?
If you invest as a private individual, your revenue is taxed according to the tax laws in the country that you are a fiscal resident. Your income will be taxed as capital income. If you invest through a company, you need to consult your accounting consultant or auditor how the income will be taxed.


How do I invest?

Investing with us at Spanska Fastighetsfonden is simple.

  1. Choose a investment project that you find interesting and want to invest in.
  2. Download the investment material and the investment application. Read about the investment project and ask us questions.
  3. Sign the investment application and send it to info@spanskafastighetsfonden.com
  4. When we have received your application, we will send you the share agreement.
  5. Pay your desired investment amount before deadline

If you are interested in investing with us, you can send us a non-binding interest application through this form. The application is non-binding. We will send you all investment material by e-mail. You only become legally bound to invest when you have signed the investment application in step 3 above.