Invest with us

Investing with us at Spanska Fastighetsfonden is simple.

  1. Choose a investment project that you find interesting and want to invest in.
  2. Download the investment material and the investment application. Read about the investment project and ask us questions.
  3. Sign the investment application and send it to
  4. When we have received your application, we will send you the share agreement.
  5. Pay your desired investment amount before deadline

If you are interested in investing with us, you can send us a non-binding interest application through this form. The application is non-binding. We will send you all investment material by e-mail. You only become legally bound to invest when you have signed the investment application in step 3 above.


Why invest in properties with Spanska Fastighetsfonden?

We are passionate about real estate and business. We have worked with real estate for over 40 years and have a genuine interest investing in real estate and at the same time helping others. Regardless of whether you are a private investor or company seeking alternative returns outside the stock exchange. The Spanish market is in many aspects similar to a lot of the northern European markets, but there are also differences. The investment process is different in Spain and furthermore, there are language and cultural barriers, which means that it can sometimes be perceived as difficult and complicated for foreigners. That is why we are here. To help you save both time and money when it comes to your real estate investments in Spain.


General terms and benefits

We are the only real estate investment company in Spain with a Nordic property management strategy within cash flowing real estate investments. Your return is paid quarterly, to a bank account of your choice and your ownership in the property is proportional to your contribution. All terms are stated in the respective investment project’s memorandum, which you can download on our website or have it emailed to you by sending us an email to


Other benefits:

  • You get a passive income that helps you get out of the rat race
  • You don’t have to tie big amounts of your own capital
  • You can reduce the risk by investing in a different market than your home market
  • You don’t have to have the knowledge about real estate investing or property management
  • You will get to know like-minded people with whom you can connect thoughts and ideas for future business
  • You broaden your network in Spain if your aim is to move or do business here one day
  • You get the opportunity to make currency gains through investments in another currency (€)


If you want to read more about the Spanish real estate market, please click here.