Investment strategy

Our investment strategy focuses on buying predictable cash flow through the acquisition of core and value add residential rental properties in:

■ Good geographical location in metropolitan areas
■ With high availability
■ Close to city hubs, nodes and traffic routes
■ Market with population growth, business growth, municipal investment and increasing tourism
■ Must have a development potential in both city and profile


Our investment process is based on the following criterias:
■ Geographical parameters
■ Demographic parameters
■ Property-related parameters
■ Economic key figures


We apply a conservative approach towards new acquisitions and maintain a risk averse attitude when doing due diligence on new properties. We prefer acquiring properties with outdated interior conditions in the best areas where we can add value through applying our Scandinavian and Nordic housing concept. For us, each project is unique and adapted to its own conditions and managed in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to actively and strategically manage the properties through further development of the asset, tenant structure and
refinancing. This gives us the opportunity to maintain close dialogue with the tenants and meet existing and potential customers’ demand.


Our value add strategy involves:
■ Identify real estate with development potential and unused land
■ Optimize the property’s use and form, thus increasing the propertys´ value, rents and returns to our investors
■ Have a deep insight into both the Swedish and Spanish real estate markets to identify new trends
■ Establish and develop contacts with Spanish decision makers to be properly positioned for growth


Our management strategy involves:
■ Build long-term and close relationships with our tenants and partners
■ Maximize the quality of our assets to create high customer satisfaction and hence good rental levels
■ Have creditworthy tenants with good earning ability


Best practice
We always strive to deliver high standards and Swedish quality on everything we do. Our work is inspired by efficiency and best practice. We work with clear processes and strive to strengthen the organization’s culture and structure. We accomplish this by automating and packaging processes and templates that we then use as tools in our daily work. Together with our corporate values that are Expertise, Collaboration, Engagement and Results, we are convinced that this creates long-term customer satisfaction, shareholder value and good business.


Our value-creating business model within the business area INVESTMENTS
Spanska Fastighetsfonden manages all phases of the value creation process in the investments. From identification of great business opportunities and acquisitions to financing, strategic managemnet and finally exit.