Some rejoice while others cry. In this case it is the homeowners who rejoice while the tenants cry. There has been a shortage of long term rental apartments in Malaga city. Primarily because it has become so economically attractive to rent homes to tourists that an increasing number of homeowners choose to rent their home with short-term contracts, i.e. on a daily or weekly basis. The losers are those tenants who do not get their long term rental contracts extended.

The same applies to all young people who are happy to move from their parents homes but who cannot find a rental apartment. The situation is developing into a social problem, especially in Malaga city. The price increase over the past 5 years has been 50-100% and the same trend is being seen in other parts of the province, where many municipalities are now considering building and renting housing at fixed, affordable rental prices. Just as in the 2000s, when there was built and sold a limited number of price-protected homes. So-called VPO housing.

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