In 2018, the Costa del Sol has seen sharply rising rental prices. Renting a 100 sqm home in the Málaga province costs on average of 831 euros per month, ie 8.31 euros per sqm. The report is published by Fotocasa, one of Spain’s largest residential portals.

In the latest report by Fotocasa, rising rental rates in Torremolinos and Benalmádena have increased so much in recent years that these two municipalities are now the most expensive on the Costa del Sol with prices reaching 9.62 € per sqm and 9.10 € per sqm. These new numbers should be compared to the rental prices in Marbella and Málaga, which are approximately 8 € per sqm. Of course, in some parts of Málaga and Marbella the rents are even higher than in Torremolinos.

The most notable in the latest report is how expensive it has become to rent housing in Málaga compared to Granada and Seville. In the latter two cities, the monthly rent for an apartment of 100 m2 is just over 600 €.

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