2018 was in many ways a good year for Spain. Among other things, the country’s airports have hit passenger records. The largest airport in the country, seen in terms of the number of passengers, was Madrid with its 57 million. On second and third place we find Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca with 50 and 29 million passengers. Malaga’s airport placed fourth and ends up with 19 million passengers in the full year 2018. It is the first time in history that 19 million passengers passes Malaga’s airport in one year. More precisely 19 021 704 passengers. This is an increase of 2.1%, and despite everything happening around Brexit, it is first and foremost the British who are behind the new passenger record. Eight years ago, the new terminal, Terminal 3, was inaugurated, and at that time the annual number of passengers at the airport was about 12 million. We have seen an increase of just under 60% since then. This is of course very good news for both the tourist industry and the business sector, both of which are strong driving forces for the Spanish real estate market.

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